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Why Need A Marital Separation Home Appraisal?

When it comes to the division of assets during separation and divorce, a jointly-owned home is often the couple’s largest financial asset, which is why both parties must ensure the process is as fair and equitable as possible. We understand that a fast, accurate appraisal of your home’s market value is of vital importance, especially during this stressful time.

Our professional team is dedicated to making the division of property assets as smooth as possible. Our appraisers are certified and in good standing with the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC), and maintain professional liability insurance according to the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (CUSPAP) and the AIC.

Marital breakdown is not the only instance where a division of assets may occur. Common client engagement including division of shared home ownership with a friend or family member. Life circumstances may arise where one or both parties wish to sell their share. Before the house is listed for sale, it’s important for both parties to have an independent appraisal to ensure the joint investment is divided according to current fair market value.

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